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Bond. Learn. Train.

By building confidence for dogs and companions, we specialize in dog basics for bonding between dog and owner including sit, stay, down, heel, and come.


Who I Am

I got my first dog when I was 7 years old, but it wasn’t until 1959, when I got my first German Shepherd, that my love for training dogs began. Though his training was informal, Maverick was bonded with me quickly. Years later, I got a boxer and began my journey with obedience training. I currently have four German Shepherds, Phin, Louis, Roma, and Freija. I have a soft spot in my heart for rescuing dogs and helping them reach their full potential. I rescued both Phin and Louise from challenged and horrific situations. My extensive training has led them to many companion dog titles.

Phin is shown in the video working on his Companion Dog Excellent Title. Read more about Louise here

​All three are titled with Companion Dog, Good Citizen and are certified therapy dogs. 


Why Bonding With Buddies?

I believe in the relationship between a dog and a companion. I create a  spiritual experience of learning and training.

While your dog is a part of your family, you are your dog's life. I emphasize mutual respect between dog and companion to bring out the best in your dog while striving to eliminate the undesirable traits. Most dogs will not see a show ring, but everyone is looking for their dog to be a good companion and a good citizen.


Stu Unger and his German Shepard's have visited our community at the Friend Center many times.  His animals have provided the opportunity for several of our residents to be able to express themselves in a spiritual and loving manner.  We recommend Stu and his dogs whole heartedly to any institute. 

Jaclyn Abramson

Friend Center Manager


CLICK HERE to read recommendation

in its entirety.

What I Provide You And Your Dog

Training happens at your home and in real-life situations. Each dog and companion team is different.


Send me a note on what you are hoping to achieve.   After an evaluation, I will give you a few pricing options to best suit your needs and budgets.


The goal is to help as many people as possible, so let's talk it over.


Contact Me

Stu Unger


Fill out the form below and tell me a bit about what you would like to accomplish with your dog.   I can give you a good idea of what we can accomplish together for your dog.  Or if it works better for you, give me a call at the number above.

I will get in contact with you at the earliest opportunity.

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