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What I Provide You And Your Dog

Training happens at your home and in real-life situations. Each dog and companion team is different.
I can work with any dog breed and partner.

Send me a note on what you are hoping to achieve.   After an evaluation, I will give you a few pricing options to best suit your needs and budgets.


The goal is to help as many people as possible, so let's talk it over.

Companion Dogs

Companion dog certification generally means a dog has passed a series of obedience and temperament tests, allowing him to progress to a higher level. A companion dog, as defined by the American Kennel Club, is one who has completed three AKC-sanctioned obedience trials.

My dogs have multiple certifications. They range from “CD” (Companion Dog); "CDX" (Companion Dog Excellent); German Shepherd Dog Club of America; Service Dogs, and others.  

(CLICK HERE to see my dogs' Certifications)

Therapy Dogs


Therapy Dogs provide psychological and therapeutic benefits. My certified Therapy Dogs can provide this service to many people and organizations.

Therapy Dogs go through more extensive screening than Service Dogs. Therapy Dogs respond positively to the attention they receive as they are friendly, and even-tempered. They receive comprehensive training that prepares and encourages them to tolerate a wide range of interactions in different environments. Both the Therapy Dog and the handler are tested for certification. They must meet set standards to be certified and registered and actively participate in the program.

My Therapy Dogs visit various institutions and establishments where their services are needed, like physical rehabilitation facilities, nursing homes, or psychologist’s office. My Therapy Dogs also visit schools, libraries, daycare facilities, hospitals, and any other places that can be of assistance.

The most important “job” of a Therapy Dog is to share their special love and companionship with anyone in need that only a dog can give.


(See my dogs' Certifications below).


Our Buddies' Certifications


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